You feel like you have tried everything. 

The weight won’t budge.

It feels as though your energy is zapped from you at 3pm afternoon. 

Your hormones are wreaking havoc monthly. 

You don’t know what to eat to make you feel good anymore. 

And you just don’t feel yourself. 

Metabolic Balance is a personalised nutrition program tailored to you, your specific health issues, your unique blood test results and your personal health goals. 

The program uses real whole foods. No meal supplements, calorie-counting or shakes. 

Your personalised Metabolic Balance program aims to help you:

  • achieve a healthy body weight
  • reduce inflammation in the body
  • balance hormones
  • manage blood sugar and insulin levels 
  • reset the metabolism 


Founded in 2002 by German medical doctors and nutrition scientists, Metabolic Balance has been successful in addressing many metabolic health conditions.

Metabolic Balanace has been running for many years and continues to be used and optimised by scientists.

The program is based on peer-reviewed scientific nutrition research. It was originally designed to support the healing of metabolic diseases in a realistic, natural and sustainable way. 

Many people around the world are praising Metabolic Balance for it’s amazing side effect of safe, effective and sustainable weight management. 

So, what can Metabolic Balance do for you?…

Balances metabolic hormones. Can help to regulate blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. 

Balances reproductive hormones. Can help with conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, menopause and fertility issues. 

Reduces excess weight. Helps to reteach your body how to burn fat.

Reduces inflammation. Can help to improve joint pain and skin problems such as eczema and acne. 

Balances cholesterol and blood pressure. Can help to manage levels in the blood. 

Just imagine for a moment...

  • You have stopped yo-yo dieting and instead, just enjoy real food without worrying about what to eat
  • You know which foods make you feel good and which foods don’t
  •  You have plenty of energy and forget that the old 3pm slump even existed
  • You don’t dread that time of the month anymore
  • You feel confident and  never have a ‘I have nothing to wear!” moment
  • You can simply feel like yourself again

Ready to get started on your Metabolic Balance Journey?

The program includes:

Comprehensive blood panel referral – required to generate the Metabolic Balance plan and provides great information about your metabolic health.

Your personal Metabolic Balance planwith your unique optimal food list, meal ideas, shopping lists and goal trackers. 

Comprehensive initial consultation – Includes a full health history, dietary analysis and assessment for the Metabolic Balance program.

Plan presentation consultation – An opportunity for me to show you your plan, how to use it and answer any questions you may have to get you started.

6 subsequent follow-up consultations – to check your measurements, ask question and support your progress.

Access to the private Facebook support group – where you can share recipes, ask questions and engage with others following their Metabolic Balance program.

Access to the Metabolic Balance App – where you can see your plan and track progress.

Your Investment - $1595